What is meant by actively encourage job applications?

Actively encourage job applications means that job advertisements state that people with disability are encouraged to apply. 

What is meant by ensure job advertisements are accessible for people with disability?

Job advertisements are accessible for people with disability means availability of application forms and other material in accessible formats, a website that is accessible and a point of contact for any questions. 

What is meant by interviews are accessible for people with disability?

Interviews are accessible for people with disability means that applicants proceeding to interview are asked whether they require any adjustments/assistance to participate equitably in the interview and assessment process.


  • Job advertisements should encourage applicants from diverse sections of the community to apply through tag lines and provide contact numbers should adjustments be required to participate on an equal basis during the recruitment and selection process.
  • Recruitment and selection teams/hiring managers should be aware of non-discriminatory interview questioning and how to ask candidates about any workplace adjustments required.
  • Job descriptions should set out the essential requirements of the role.