What is meant by ‘workplace adjustments’?

Workplace adjustments are adjustments that are made to a workplace or process that enable a person with disability to:

  • perform the requirements of their job safely in the workplace
  • have equal employment opportunities through recruitment processes, promotion and training opportunities
  • Enjoy equal terms and conditions of employment.


  • It is a positive obligation under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA), and various State/Territory Acts, for employers to make workplace (reasonable) adjustments for people with disability to assist meet the essential requirements of the job, if they otherwise are the best person for the role, at all stages of the recruitment and selection process and employment lifecycle. Unless it would cause unjustifiable hardship to do so.
  • A policy or process/guideline should be readily available to hiring teams and all employees setting out how to make a request, timeframes for implementation, management accountability, financial responsibility etc. to ensure consistency across the organisation and manage risk.