Key Dates

The Quick Self-Assessment is open to anyone, anytime. 

The Comprehensive Self-Assessment can be accessed and completed anytime throughout the year. However, if you intend to submit your assessment for evaluation and benchmarking, please note the following key dates.


  • 16 May to 7 December 2018: Organisations complete their self-assessment. 
  • 7 December 2018: Latest submission date for evaluation and benchmarking. Once submitted, your self-assessment is locked and cannot be updated. 
  • 10 December 2018 to 5 April 2019: Australian Network on Disability (AND) evaluates submitted self-assessments. 
  • 12 April 2019: Evaluation and Benchmark Reports provided to organisations that participated. 
  • April/May 2019: Debrief and consultancy sessions with organisations that participated. 

How long will the Comprehensive Self-Assessment take to complete? 

This will depend on a range of factors. For example, it may take longer if lots of people have been allocated to complete it, and whether they know where to find the information they need. How far your organisation is in its access and inclusion journey may also contribute to how long it takes to complete the assessment. We suggest dedicating at least a couple of weeks.


Our Access and Inclusion Index webinar is a simple, effective way to find out more about what the Index is, how it works, and how it will benefit your organisation.

Webinars will be scheduled between June and September. They’ll be advertised on the AND website and in AND e-newsletters. A recording of last year’s webinar is available in the Member Area.

If you have any questions, please contact us.