Evaluation of assessment

Organisations can elect to have AND Evaluate their assessment and provide them with feedback.

An Evaluation involves an AND Relationship Manager evaluating the answers and supporting information provided by their member organisations, and providing assessment, advice and comment based on their expert knowledge.

The Relationship Manager will contact the organisation to discuss any difference in answers between their evaluation and the organisations.

A second AND staff member will also check the evaluation to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Once this is completed, each organisation will be provided with an individualised Evaluation Report that will highlight strengths, where there can be improvements and options for going forward.

The Report will also advise of the organisation’s responses, ANDs original evaluation responses, and the final, validated responses agreed which is discussed by AND and the organisation. 

There will be a section for each Key Area where AND will highlight where the organisation is doing well, where it could improve, and possible actions that could be taken to increase access and inclusion in that Key Area. The Evaluation Report will also contain an overall summary of the analysis and potential next steps as a result of the evaluation. 

Remember that this is not a test; if an organisation doesn’t score well in the Comprehensive Self-Assessment they should still submit it for evaluation. This process is designed to help organisations to identify the most important next steps. 

The Evaluation process costs $4,545 + GST or AND member hours may be used where appropriate.

Comprehensive Self-Assessments submitted for Evaluation are also included in the Benchmarking process.