Benefits to your organisation

The Access and Inclusion Index will enable your organisation to self reflect on its access and inclusion for employees and customer with disability in 10 Key Areas of business. 

  • It’s easy to use and it’s confidential.
  • It builds awareness and understanding of access and inclusion across your organisation.
  • You can measure your organisation’s performance in relation to other (de-identified) participating organisations.
  • It can be shared across business areas to encourage stakeholder engagement and ensure the most appropriate employee responds to each key area.
  • It helps you to collate disability related policies, case studies and information. 
  • The maturity model scale helps you to assess how your organisation is performing, and what you can do to increase your disability confidence.
  • Assists with formal year on year performance measurement for your organisation.

Go to the AND website to find out more about the benefits of ensuring all aspects of your business are accessible for employees and customers with disability.