The Access and Inclusion Index gives organisations insights into their strengths and opportunities on their journey to be accessible and inclusive of people with disability. The easy-to-use, whole of organisation tool, provides a roadmap for year on year progress and supports key business finctions to achieve greater awareness and maturity. 

The Index is not an awards based tool. It is about helping organisations to look inwards at their policies, procedures and practices to see how they are progressing in being accessible and inclusive for people with disability, and to find out how to improve and plan for the next steps they can take.

Recognition will be given at the annual AND conference for organisations that perform well through evaluation and benchmarking (with prior permission).

Participation in the Access and Inclusion Index is confidential.

To get an idea of what the Access and Inclusion Index is about you can do the Access and Inclusion Index Quick 10. If you are a member of Australian Network on Disability you also have access to the Comprehensive Self-Assessment and Evaluation and Benchmark to help you identify where and how to improve, and to monitor progress year-on-year.

How it works

Access and Inclusion Index Quick 10

Available to all organisations at no cost, this tool provides a snapshot of your current performance against key access and inclusion criteria. It also provides valuable information on how to progress in all 10 key areas. Simply answer 10 quick questions to assess your maturity and get a score out of 100 to kick-start your access and inclusion journey.

Access and Inclusion Index Comprehensive Self-Assessment

Included in AND membership. As a member of AND you can comprehensively self-assess your organisation’s maturity on the journey towards disability confidence. The tool enables each key business function to self-assess and contribute to an overall score out of 100. You can engage your leaders, develop your plan for success and set measurable goals for year-on-year progress. Read on to find out how you can submit your Comprehensive Self-Assessment for Evaluation and Benchmark. 

Access and Inclusion Index AND Evaluation and Benchmark report 

The Access and Inclusion Index Evaluation and Benchmark is Australia’s foremost corporate benchmarking tool for inclusion of people with disability. By submitting the Comprehensive Self-Assessment for Evaluation and Benchmark, organisations have a unique opportunity to gain a roadmap for improvement and contribute to a national benchmark by which to measure and progress their maturity. AND will review your comprehensive self-assessment and provide a summary or comprehensive report on your key strengths and opportunities for improvement. The evaluation and benchmark report will tell you how your organisation is performing relative to others and help you to direct your effort to maximise your impact.