Submission tips

Here's some handy tips to help with your submission. 

  • If you submit for your assessment for independent evaluation and benchmarking by AND, our consultants will review your answers. Note that supporting evidence is required to be submitted at the time of submission in order for us to accurately assess your chosen responses. Without this information, we are unable to award and/or validate assessment points obtained. No additional and/or revised answers and evidence are accepted after you have formally submitted your assessment via the Access and Inclusion Index online portal.
  • Each question in the Access and Inclusion Index has a free text field and the ability to upload information. Most questions require supporting evidence, i.e. specific examples. If you choose to upload a whole document, you will need to indicate the page number(s) that we can find the evidence on. We will not read through the whole document to find the example evidence.
  • If you upload a document in one section of the assessment and wish to reference it in another section of the Index, please record the specific reference and page number(s) you want us to look at. If we can’t find it quickly, we will not read whole documents trying to find your information and your score may be revised.
  • Please do not use jargon specific to your organisation. Providing good signposting and explanations will help you to achieve the recognition you deserve.
  • AND recognises that the type of examples submitted by different organisations will vary (i.e. an investment bank is likely to take a different approach to a local council).
  • Provide enough information to answer the question and support your rating but there is no need to attach everything you have done in the twelve months prior to your submission.
  • If in doubt what would constitute a good supporting evidence document for a particular question, please contact your AND Relationship Manager to seek clarification.