Steps in the Index

There are six main steps in the Access and Inclusion Index related to completing the Comprehensive Self-Assessment and continuing to the evaluation and benchmark process.

  1. Register to use the website - AND Members need to contact AND to be set up to use the website. They also need to nominate a Super User who will then be able to register employees as Users for the site. Once this is set up, employees will also be able to register themselves by filling out their details in the Register page.
  2. Identify and engage employees - there are 10 Key Areas of the Index. It is unlikely that the Super User will be able to accurately respond to all these areas. The appropriate staff should be identified to respond to each Key Area. The Super User can give staff access to each of the Key Areas through the assessment or Member User area.
  3. Complete the Comprehensive Self-Assessment - determine the appropriate responses from the maturity model scale for each question and include an examples to support responses through free text or upload if required. Supporting information does not need to be extensive, but it is required. You will receive scores for each Key Area and an overall score that indicates the accessibility and inclusiveness of your organisation for people with disability.
  4. Submit Comprehensive Self-Assessment for evaluation and benchmarking - the Super User should check the responses to ensure they are happy with them and then submit for evaluation and benchmarking (this is not compulsory and is done at an additional cost or through use of member hours).
  5. Evaluation and benchmarking of Comprehensive Self-Assessment - AND independently evaluates and benchmarks an organisation's Comprehensive Self-Assessment and works with the organisation to understand differences in responses where required and agree on a final, validated score.
  6. Evaluation and Benchmark Report - AND will upload the Evaluation and Benchmark report online to the organisation's member area. The Report will help organisations to understand it's current access and inclusion for people with disability and can inform the next steps to increase access and inclusion for people with disability.