Role of the Super User

The Super User is the key contact for the coordination of the Access and Inclusion Index for their organisation. There can only be one Super User for each organisation.

When an organisation contacts AND to set up access to the Access and Inclusion Index website they will need to nominate a Super User.

The Super User will have access to all areas of the Access and Inclusion Index website and has ultimate responsibility for:

  • Creating the Comprehensive Self-Assessment.
  • Ensuring questions are responded to.
  • Ensuring examples are provided to support responses where required.
  • Submitting the Comprehensive Self-Assessment for Evaluation and Benchmarking.

They have permission to create and manage Users as well as allocate sections of the Comprehensive Self-Assessment to be responded to by other Users within their organisation. They will also be responsible for liaising with Australian Network on Disability where required.

If the Super User role needs to transfer to a different employee, the current Super User will be required to email the transfer request to AND at If this is not possible, the organisation will need to contact AND on 1300 363 645 to discuss.