Evaluation and Benchmark Report

Organisations will have the opportunity to submit their Comprehensive Self-Assessment for independent evaluation and inclusion in benchmarking between January and December each year. To ensure your organisation is included in the annual Benchmark Report for the year, submission of your Comprehensive Self-Assessment must be made by December.

The Super User can do this by clicking on the ‘Submit Assessment for Evaluation’ button that appears once the Comprehensive Self-Assessment has been completed.

Before submitting for evaluation, the Super User should double check:

  • All the answers are correct.
  • There is the appropriate examples to support responses. 
  • The examples provided are clear and concise.
  • The 'Activity Log' in their Your Assessments area to ensure that no further changes have been made to questions by other users prior to submitting for evaluation.

No further changes can be made to the Comprehensive Self-Assessment once it is submitted for evaluation. 

Comprehensive Self-Assessments submitted to AND for evaluation will be audited by a Relationship Manager. A second AND employee will review. Scores will be adjusted, where applicable, to provide you with an independently reviewed score and report. 

There are two options when participating in an independently assessed evaluation:

1. Comprehensive Roadmap Report - $6,545 + GST or 27 member hours: This report provides your organisation with detailed analysis of the assessment outcomes and comprehensive recommendations to support you in your access and inclusion journey. A recommended consultancy debrief post-release of the report is included with this option.

2. Accelerator Report - $4,545 + GST or 19 member hours: This report will provide your organisation with an executive summary of your performance across your organisation and a set of key recommendations to support you in increasing your maturity level across the organisation. A recommended consultancy debrief post-release of the report is included with this option.

In addition to the independent evaluation report, an annual Benchmark Report will provide an overview of the scores achieved by all participating organisations (Please note: data is kept anonymous). By comparing the outcomes of your evaluation with the average scores of the cohort, you can see how your organisation is performing relative to others. This report also shares stories of success, innovations and best practice from within our network. The annual Benchmark Report is released at the AND Annual National Conference in May of each year.